During my weekend antique hunting routine, I came across a document from your area I think you may have some interest in, and I would like to know more about. I graduated from High School at Brockport in 1974 so I'm familiar with the area, although I found this document in Newberry, South Carolina.

By coincidence one of the names on the document is listed on the Genessee County Genweb site, that of Henry W. Merriman. It appears as if Henry purchased a substitute to carry out his Civil War military duties for the sum of $400.00. The person who acted as his substitute is barely legible on the document, and that is where my interest lies.

I'm hoping that you may be able to identify by some means who took Henry's place and what became of him during his military duties.

Best Regards,

Mike Kessel - SSites2977@aol.com

Receipt for the purchase of a substitute to carry out Civil War military duties

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