Andrew Bradfield (1833- 1921)

When the Town was settled on the site of the famous old Indian Reservation in 1801 by Erastus Wolcott, Gideon Dunham and Christopher Kenyon, it was called "Plain Brook". In 1811 , a blacksmithing and repair emporium was built. In 1812 the United Sates Gypsum Mills were first put into operation and still continues on the site. The first school opened in 1917 and the first church was a Free Will Baptist Church in 1830. Colonel Alfred Cary opened the first store in 1833. In 1837 the name of the settlement was changed from Plain Brook to Caryville in honor of Col Alfred Cary. In 1840 Col. Cary built the Cary Collegiate Seninary which opened in 1844. It was a select boarding school with an enrollment of two to three hundred. Oakfield was set off from Elba on April 11, 1842. In late 1857 residents petitioned theCourt of Sessions of Genesee County to hold an election in the Village of Cary, for the purpose of incorporating the Village and changing its name to Oakfield. It was granted on July 10, 1858.

Villiage of Oakfield

Areas: East Oakfield, Five Corners (at Albion Rd. -formerly Oakfield Corners )

Town Clerk/Treasurer: Linda Franks,Drake St., Oakfield, NY 14125    585-948-5835

Village Clerk/Treasurer: Shelly D'ALba, 37 Main St., Oakfield, NY 14125    585-948-5862

Village Archives Office Hours: Monday - Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Village Website:www.oakfield.govoffice.com

Haxton Memorial Library, 3 N. Pearl St., Oakfield, NY 14125    585-948-9900

Town of Oakfield Historian:
Steve Kruppenbacher
7587 Hutton Road
Oakfield, NY 14125

Village of Oakfield Historian:

Village of Oakfield Archives
37 Main Street
Oakfield, NY 14125
(585) 948-5862
FAX: (585) 948-9588

OACS Alumni


Cary Cemetery,(Col. Alfred Cary Cemetery, Old Oakfield Cemetery) Northeast corner of Maple Ave. and Duck Pond Rd. - incorporated, active cemetery - First Burial, 1820

Reed Cemetery, (Judge Road Cemetery) - North side of Judge Rd., incorporated, active cemetery - First burial, about 1835

East Oakfield Cemetery, Lockport Road ( in the Town Hall they have a plot map- on cloth) - Incorporated cemetery - first burial - 1816

St. Cecilia's Catholic Church Cemetery, Northwest Corner of Maple Ave. and Duck Pond Rd. (a new plot has been purchased and the cemetery will be expanded - church owned active cemetery

Burial Plot (Oakfield-Elba Townline Rd Cemetery)southwest side of Rt 63, 1/4 mile south of Fisher Rd. - abandoned - only 2 stones which have been removed (Gideon Dunham and wife)


Oakfield Methodist Episcopal Church - 1832- disbanded

German Methodist Episcopal Church - 1886 - disbanded

United Methodist Church - 1829 - 4 South Main St.

First Presbyterian Church -1833 - Main St.

St. Michael's Episcopal Church - 1858, Mian St.

St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church - 1906 - 56 Maple Ave.

Genesee Country Church, 3268 Drake Street - 1981 - Pastor Jon Speed - http://www.thecountrychurch.org


Avery, Armstrong, Arnold, Allen, Brooks, Bromsted, Bartel, Britton, Bobsen, Dodge, Doewig, Drake, Fuller, Fischer(Fisher), Fishell, H. Griffin, J. Griffin, Gibson, Grinnell, Gardner, Gursslin, Hawes, Halsey, Hal, Heckroth, Heal, Hill, Hutton, Ingalsbe, Isaac, Martin, McCrillus, MaIntyre, Moore, McCullock, Nobles, Nash Pusley, Plate, Smith, Stevens, Sparr, Sparling, Wright, Williams, Watts


1. Oakfield Centennial Book

2.Oakfield History section of The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70; Compiled and published by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, NY, 1869.

3. Cary Seminary - short history and class lists

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