Village of Oakfield, NY


37 Main Street

Oakfield, NY 14125


FAX (716)948-9588

(from the Village of Oakfield Archives Brochure)


The Village of Oakfield was incorporated in 1858. However, its history began in the late 1790's with the purchase of 2.6 million acres of land from the local indian tribes represented by Chief Cornplanter of the Seneca Tribe. Robert Morris, of Revolutionary War fame, paid $100,00.00 for the tract which included most of Western New York and all of Genesee County. The Holland Land Office, which managed this great tract of land, was built in Batavia.

Just before the War of 1812 the area around the present Oakfield was settled and called Plainbrook. In 1837 the community's name was changed to Caryville in honor of Colonel Alfred Cary. Twenty years later the residents petitioned the Court of Sessions of Genesee County to incorpotate the Village with the name of Oakfield and hold an election for the the Village incorporation. In July 1858, the election was held an 58 voters participated. Results of the vote was 55 - 3 in favor of incorporation.

The Village has a rich history. The archives preserves the materials that the Village foverment has created over the years.


The Village of Oakfield Archives resulted from a series of grants from the New york State Archives and Records Adminstration. The Local Government Records Managemaent Improvement Fund has provided grants for the inventory and preservation of the Village records, the modification of a facility to properly house these important community records and for the development of this brochure and the guide to the archives.


The historic records of the Village of Oakeild trace the growth of this community form the organization of the Village government. Some of the outstandin materials in the collection include the Minutes of the Village Trustees form the date of incorporation to the present. These early handwritten volumes contain the earliest laws and ordinances for the Village, and they offer a unique firsthand look at how the 19th century settlers built this community and governed themselves.

The researcher who in interssted in community history or fammily history will also find a wealth of materials. The Village maintains a detailed Guide to the Holdings of the Archives which highlights the contents of the records. You are invited to visit the Village offices and review the Guide in preparation to doing research.

Additional resources for research are available in the area. The Genesee County Historian maintains an office in Batavia and may be able to assist you in your research projects. The State Archives in Albany maintains State records. the national Archives in Washington, DC houses the federal government records. These afencies may have the material you are looking for th complete your family or community history project.


The Village of Oakfield maintains a series of municpal and historical records. These records are housed at the Village Archives at 37 main Street, Oakfield, NY. The Village of Oakfield Offices are open for archival research Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., except on legal holidays.

People wishing to do research must file a freedom of information request with the Village Records Access Officer.

In accordance with thte 1990 Federal Americans with Disabilites Act, any person needing special assistance in making such request is asked to please contact the Village of Oakfield for special assisstance.

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