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of the


Miss Emily E. Ingham, Principal


APRIL, 1840-1.






of the


of the



APRIL, 1840-1.




Printed by David Hoyt, no 6 State-street




Rev. Ebenezer Mead,

Rev. Ichabod Clark,

Augustus P. Hascall, Esq.

Caleb H. Austin, M. D.

Charles Danforth, Esq.

Hon. Israel Rathbun,

Col. Martin O. Coe,

Howard Bosworth,

Benjamin F. Hays.



Mr. H. Gifford, Teacher of Vocal Music

Miss Caroline Newton, Teacher of Instrumental Music.

Miss Mary A. Wright

Miss Harriet E. Faxon

Miss Fidelia E. Warner

Miss Julia A. Lake


Miss Harriet J. Gates

Miss Elizabeth B. Warner

Miss Sarah A. Lake

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From May, 1840, to April, 1841.


Miss Elizabeth Bostworth, Le Roy

" Experience E. Chrittenden, Geneva

" Harriet M. Goddard, York

" Mary Grainger Bergen

" Hannah M. Green, Smithtown

" Harriet J. Gates, Whitestown

" Melissa Lord, Le Roy

" Julia A. Lake, Avon

" Lucretia Tracy, Alexander

" Ann M. Leonard, Le Roy


Miss Sarah A. Ball, Newstead

" Calista Barrett, Alden

" Louisa Bailey, Le Roy

" Helen Bishop, Hume

" Mary E. Browning Le Roy

" Emily Brockway, Parma

" Caroline Cameron, Caledonia

" Mary A. Chichester, Orangeville

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Miss Martha Collins, York

" Frances H. Coleman, Le Roy

" Elzabeth S. Curtis, Troy

" Sarah A. Covert Le Roy

" Delia C. Clark, Chili

" Caroline A. Coan, Angelica

" Abigail E. Dixon, Bethany

" Helen Dusinberry, Plattskill

" Sarah P. Fitch, Pawlet, Vt.

" Julia Forbes, Leicester

" Margaret Gale, Clarkson

" Lois A. Gallup, Le Roy

" Ellen E. Gage, "

" Harriet M. Granger, Greece

" Mary J. Gray, Genesco

" Charlotte Green, Byron

" Mary B. Hall, Saybrook, Ct.

" Polly S. Hayward, York

" Eliza Hatch, Oswego

" Mary J. Hubbard, Wisconsin T.

" Harriet N. Holt, Le Roy

" Elvira H. Langdon, N. Bergen

" Sarah A. Lake, Nunda Valley

" Amelia Mather, Genesco

" Louisa Morton, Centreville

" Sarah Morgan, Le Roy

" Evelina Merrill, Rome

" Sarah Nichols, London, Mich.

" Florilla Olmstead, Le Roy

" Mary L. Olmsted, Livonia

" Elizabeth A. Palmer, Le Roy

" Louisa G. Pierson, Bergen

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Miss Mary Smith, Le Roy

" Elizabeth A. Smith "

" Lois A. Sherman, Middlebury

" Frances A. Scofield, Rochester

" Catherine Sweeney, Tonawanda

" Elizabeth H. Stone, Barton

" Lucy M. Safford, Warsaw

" Harriet M. Stocking, Le Roy

" Louisa J. Spencer, Sweden

" Olive Tompson, Riga

" Mary Tompson, "

" Fidelia E. Warner, Geneva

" Elizabeth B. Warner, "

" Ann E. Wadsworth, Avon

" Sophia J. Wright, Jonesville, Mich.



Miss Eleanor A. Alverson, Le Roy

" Belona Anderson, N. Bergen

" Emily Anderson, Le Roy

" Martha J. Allen, Rochester

" Frances E. Allen, Brockport

" Harriet Bartholf, Clarendon

" Harriet Bascom, Le Roy

" Maria Bacon, Lockport

" Sarah G. Barnard, Le Roy

" Lury A. Barrett, Byron

" Jennett Berry, Portland, Mich.

" Maria J. Bradley, Bergen

" Sophia Blodget, Le Roy

" Mary E. Buell, Bergen

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Miss Sarah M. Benjamin, Phelps

" Mary L. Bailey, Le Roy

" Henrietta Benedict, Ledyard

" Jane Benedict, "

" Louisa Brinsmaid, Le Roy

" Mary J. Bradley, Covington

" Polly Bissell, Bergen

" Sophrona Broughton, Gainesville

" Valona Broughton, "

" Emily Clark, Le Roy

" Sarah E. Comstock, Butternuts

" Eliza Crawford, Buffalo

" Harriet E. Covert, Le Roy

" Mariett I. Crampton, Holley

" Jane W. Crane, Le Roy

" Olive Coe, Covington

" Caroline E. Crampton, Holley

" Susan M. Darling, Le Roy

" Dimmis W. Dickinson, "

" Lucy Day, Greece

" Nancy Emmons, Le Roy

" Ellen M. Fisk, West Avon

" Charlotte Farnham, Bergen

" Almira O. Foster, Le Roy

" Mary H. Gates, "

" Mary A. Gleason, "

" Charlotte Gleason, "

" Lucy Gleason, "

" Ellen E. Gifford, "

" Celina Gordon, Barree, Ct.

" Ann E. Gale, Clarkson

" Mary E. Gates, Le Roy

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Miss Susan A. Granger, Parma

" Almira A. Heath, Alexander

" Ellen Higgins, Centreville

" Augusta Hinman, Pike

" Caroline Herrick, Le Roy

" Madelia M. Hartshorn, Hornsville

" Emily E. Ingham, Sullivan

" Ellen E. Lord, Le Roy

" Susan E. Leonard, "

" Jane A. Morehouse, "

" Margaret McNeill, Leicester

" Caroline M. Morehouse, Le Roy

" Mary A. Mitchel, "

" Fanny A. Mills, "

" Rosetta M. Munger, Byron

" Louisa M. Newkirk, Buffalo

" Ann M. Parshall, York

" Mary C. Pratt, Le Roy

" Cecelia S. Peet, Brockport

" Lydia M. Peck, Phelps

" Mary A. Peck, Mentz

" Sarah E. Palmer, Parma

" Frances W. Palmer, Le Roy

" Caroline Parks, "

" Martha Parks, "

" Jane A. Pratt, Ontario

" Mary E. Palmer, Le Roy

" Lucretia Robertson, "

" Deborah W. Rathbun, Howard

" Sarah A. Romer, Pleasantville

" Louisa Rugg, Le Roy

" Martha Smith, "

" Emily Smith, "

Page 8

Miss Mary C. Simons, Le Roy

" Cornelia Stanley, "

" Adaline Starr, Pavilion

" Adelpha Smeed, Le Roy

" Emily L. Smith, Ogden

" Maranda Scott, Le Roy

" Clarissa Skidmore, Alexander

" Lucretia Tozier, Le Roy

" Rebecca Templeton, Clarendon

" Emily A. Todd, Byron

" Eliza Tomlinson, Le Roy

" Emily Tubbs, Stafford

" Adeline A. Vendervoort, Tonawanda

" Nancy J. Wiard, Le Roy

" Elizabeth A. Wiard, "

" Harriet M. Webb, "

" Maria A. Wilkie, Attica

" Mary A. White, Bergen

" Jannett O. Ward, "

" Mary B. Whaley, East Avon

" Jane N. Warner, Chicktowaga

Primary Department, 54,---Total, 217.

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Le Roy Female Seminary.

Course of Study &c.

Is embraced in three classes, denominated Junior, Middle,

and Senior, which constitute a regular three years course.


Junior Class.

English Grammar, --Brown's, Smith's

Written Arithmetic,--Adams'

Mental Arithmetic,--Coleburn's

Geography,--Mitchell's. Olney's.

History of the United States,--Goodrich's.

General History,--Willard's, Parley's.

Natural Philosophy,--Comstock's.


Moral Science,--Wayland's.

Composition,--Parker's Exercises.

Middle Class

English Grammar, continued,--Brown's

Geometry,--Playfair's Euclid.





Geology, "

Chemistry, "

Geography of the Heavens,--Burritt's.

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Philosophy of Natural History,--Smellie's.

Intellectual Philosophy,--Abercrombie's.

Senior Class



Moral Science,--Wayland's.

Evidences of Christianity,--Alexander's.

Political Economy,--Wayland's.

Intellectual Philosophy,--Upham's.


Particular attention is paid to Composition, Reading and Orthography. The Bible is so studied that if possible, its awakening, elevation, and redeeming influence may be diffused through every vein and artery of instruction.

Tuition is $3.00 in the Elementary Department, $5.00 in the Junior, and $6.00 in the Middle and Senior classes per term.


Music Lessons on the Organ or Piano, per term, $12.00

French and Latin, each, 3.00

Perspective Drawing and Penciling, 7.00

Painting, 7.00

Painting in Oil, 9.00


Board in the Institution is $1.75 per week in Summer and $2.00 per week in the Fall and Winter terms. Washing is twenty-five cents per week, or each young lady may do her own washing. Yearly pupils will be received at $100.00 per year, every thing included, if paid each term in advance.

Arrangements are made for young ladies who wish to board themselves, also for such as prefer to be organized in a family by themselves, with a matron to preside over its interests, subject to similar rules, and regulations as the family of the principal. The price of board under this arrangement, will probably not exceed one dollar.


This Institution has been in successful operation for four years. The situation is elevated and imposing. The building is large and commodious, having a front of eighty three feet, with eight pillars, and a spacious piazza. Lodging rooms are large and airy, sufficient to accommodate 60 boarders. Two hundred pupils can be seated in the assembly room, connected with which are recitation rooms for the various classes.

It is also in possession of a good Apparatus, Cabinet and Library. The pleasure grounds are ample, containing two and a half acres adorned with fruit and shade trees.


The school year consists of forty-five weeks, and is divided into three terms of fifteen weeks each; commencing the second Wednesday of May, first Wednesday of January, and the 22d of September. There will be no vacation between the Fall and Winter terms.


Each young lady will be examined, preparatory to classing the pupils, at the commencement of the year. None can be admitted to the Junior Class, without passing a good examination in all the Primary studies.

Absence for a few days at the beginning of the term, is a greater detriment to a young lady and to the school, than weeks at a later period, but an absence of one day during the session, or even the study hours of one evening, may have a [?]eleterious influence upon the student for the entire term.

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Perfect punctuality, promptness, and order, is the standard presented to every pupil on entering the Seminary.

Those who cannot complete the course, would do well to make arrangements to enter one of the classes and pursue a regular course of study as long as they expect to be connected with the Institution. The practice of entering school for one term, and then being absent one or more, and then returning, is very prejudicial to mental discipline and correct scholarship.


The numerous applications for Teachers and the number already in the Institution who expect to devote themselves to the work of Teaching, have induced us to open a Department for their particular benefit. Lectures, reading, &c. illustrating the principles of teaching as exemplified in the Elementary part of the Institution, will constitute an important part of their course. None will be received under sixteen, nor any who will not pass a good examination in the Junior Class. Applicants of this description who remain one year, will have one quarter of their tuition deducted.


The school is arranged in four general divisions or sections and placed under the immediate care of a teacher, whose duty it is to be acquainted with the health, habits, intellectual improvement, moral and religious state, of every young lady in her section, and to be the friend and adviser of each, and to cherish and manifest the affection of a sister, avoiding every unnecessary exposure of their faults and foibles.

No teacher will be employed who will not, conscientiously make continued and persevering efforts for the highest moral and spiritual good of the pupils.

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