Lent Burial Vault

LeRoy, Genesee County, New York

The Lent Burial Vault in LeRoy was visited and the grounds were found to be in nice condition, tall grass, but no brush or briers growing on it. A larger plot is enclosed on an iron fence, which is set in a cut stone base. The mound covering the vault is surrounded, except for the entrance to the vault, with a similar fence. However, the only inscription was, "John Lent 1848" over the entrance to the vault.

A letter to the Woodward Memorial Library inquiring for information as to who was interred therein was passed on the Dr. Frances Witmer who kindly sent the following information:

A family burial ground was on the property and Captain John Lent built and had all bodies interred therein:

Father and mother of Capt. Lent:

Phebe White Lent, wife of John d. January 20, 1829, @ 92y. Her remains rest here, but her husband, John, b. October 1, 1783, d. August 10, 1805 in his 82y at Easton, Washington County, NY. He is buried in the old Tarrytown Cemetery.


"Reader, behold and shed a tear,

Think on the dust that slumbers here,

And think while you read the fate of me,

Think on the glass that runs for thee."

Their son:

Capt. John, b. in Easton, NY, May 8, 1783, d. in LeRoy, NY, June 10, 1861, @ 78y 1m 2d

His first wife, Lydia Howland, b. in Dartmouth, Mass., in 1781, d. February 6, 1856, @ 75y

His second wife, Olive Armstrong, d. November 13,1867, @ 58y

Capt. John and Lydia (Howland) Lent's son: John Howland, d. June 21, 1862, @ 31y

Harriet (Bailey), his widow, married for her second husband, Calvin Fitch Bissell, b. March 9, 1818, d. December 11, 1898.

Harriet (Bailey) Lent Bissell, 1831-February 1920

Lucy Millard, daughter of John Howland, b. July 2, 1856, d. April 26, 1906, unmarried.

Capt. John Lent's sisters:

Esther (Lent), wife of Joseph Cook, d. July 18, 1838, @ 68y 9m

Elizabeth, (Lent) Valleau and wife of Seth Mills, d. February 28, 1846, @ 70y

John Valleau, d. July 30, 1816, @ 38y

Catherine, wife of Joseph Tompkins, d. February 6, 1847, @ 73y

Joseph Tompkins, d. in Troy, NY, March 17, 1813, @ 43y


Grandchildren of Calvin Fitch Bissell and his first wife (not Mrs. Lent):

John Fitch Bissell, 1870, 1882

An infant of Dix Bissell and Maude Lee Bissell, daughter of Dr. Lee of Rochester, NY.


Copied from the book "Tombstone Inscriptions from the Abandoned Cemeteries and Farm Burial of Genesee County" wrote by LaVerne C. Cooley in 1952.


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