From: Gazetteeer and Biographical Record of Genesee County, NY, 1788-1890 - BY Beers, FW

Henry Griffin died in Wales, Erie County, aged 75 years. He was a soldier during the Revolutionary War. His wife was Thirza, and their children were John, Henry Solomon, Samuel, and Thirza. henry was born in Onondaga County, was a soldier in the War of 1812, and came ot Oakfield in 1840, where he died in 1844, aged 52 years. He married Samantha, daughter of Paul and Eunice (Howlett) Dodge, of Marcellus, Onondoga County. Their children were Helen, Candace, Henry, Samuel B., and Solomon B. (twins), Andrew, Orpha, Thirza, Cordelia O., Lester, Sarah, and Orcelia. Samuel B., a native of Wales, NY, was born December 17, 1829. When 11 years old he came with his parents to Oakfield. He married Mrs. Mary G. Macomber, daughter of Richard and Temperance (Everts) Crampton, of Alabama, NY, and their children are Francis A., Archibald M., Myrtie A., John A., CharlesH., Sarah A., Nancy G., and Annie (deceased). He has lived on the farm which he now occupies since 1850. Charles H. Griffin married Clytie F. Benton of Oakfield, dauther of Andrew and Libbie (Thomas) Benton and is engaged in the dry goods business.

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