Gardner Family Plot or Vail Farm Cemetery

Elba, New York

Lockport Road, near Weatherwax, between Lanctons corners and East Oakfield near the west boundary line of Town of Elba.


This cemetery is on a hill on private property, the cemetery is being worked on to have it fence in so that the cows don't destroy the rest of the gravestones.



William C., s/o Reuben & Thankful (Foster) Bradley; b. 3-22-1814, Patterson, N.Y.; d. 3-30-1894

Mary, w/o William C.; d/o Jeffery & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 1-11-1811, Batavia, now Elba; d. 6-27-1900

Reuben Champlain, s/o William & Mary (Gardner) Bradley; b. 9-4-1841; d. 6-23-1848, 6y 9m 19d

Robert Johnson, s/o William & Mary (Gardner) Bradley; b. 9-2-1844; d. 8-25-1845, 11y 22d Gardner, s/o William & Mary (Gardner) Bradley, b. 8-11-1856 or 65, Elba; d. 1923/4

Jeffrey Watson, s/o William & Mary (Gardner) Bradley; b. 3-17-1840, E. Oakfield, N.Y.

Sarah Ann, w/o Edmond Foster Bradley; d/o Jeremiah H. & Harriet (Pattison) Gardner; b. 4-23-1815; d. 8-8-1834/5

George K., s/o Edmond F. & Sarah Ann (Gardner) Bradley; d. 8-25-1834, 25d

George, s/o Dea. Gardner & Emma Ann (Morris) Bradley; d. 4-4 -______, 9y

Glen Foster, s/o Dea. Gardner & Emma Ann (Morris) Bradley; b. 11-21-1883, Elba; d. ?

Helen (Hundredmark), lst w/o Jeffrey W. Bradley; d. 5-13-1865, 27y

Lydia, 2nd w/o Jeffrey W. Bradley; d/o Capt. McDaniels; b. 8-20-1834, Ogden, N.Y.; d. 3/11-20-1889

Mack, s/o Jeffrey W. & Lydia (McDaniels) Bradley; b. 7-16-1871; d. 1-20-1893/5



E. S., d. 1-17-1878, 86y

Polly, w/o E. S.; d. 7-18-1878, 81y 2 Stones unreadable



John, s/o John Gardiner; b. 6-17-1745, S. Kingston, RI; d. Sept. 1815, 71y; first

buried in Welcome Herendeen's orchard; husband of his daughter Mercy.

Bashaba (or Bethsheba); w/o John; d/o Jeffrey & Bethsheba (Smith) Watson; b. 9-16-1748; d. 8-23-1812, 62y?

Jeffrey Watson, s/o John & Bethsheba (Watson) Gardner; b. 2-2-1775, on Boston Neck, Kingstown RI; d. 8-25-1853, 78y 6m 23d

Freelove (Gardner), w/o Jeffrey Watson; d/o Clark & Amie (Lillibridge) Gardner; b. 1-2-1775, Boston Neck, RI; d. 8-28-1855, 80y 7m 26d

Amy, d/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; d. 4-18-1873, 67y 3m 24d

Hannah, d/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 3-4-1821; d. 1-26-1845, 24y 10d Freelove, d/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 3-28-1818; d. 8-12-1850, 32y 6m 20d

Bashaba, w/o Joel Gardner; d/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 7-15-1801; d. 1-22-1836, 33y 6m 20d

Jeffrey, s/o Joel & Bashaba (Gardner) Gardner; d. 5-8/18-1847, 25y 7m 5d

Freelove Ann, d/o Joel & Bethsheba (Gardner) Gardner; d. 6-28-1851, 16y 4m 11d

Harriet (Pattison), w/o Jeremiah Hazard Gardner; d. 2-22-1878, 85y

Dorcas Pattison, d/o Jeremiah Hazard & Harriet (Pattison) Gardner; b. 5-13-1828; d. 2-25-1837

George Washington, s/o Jeremiah H. & Harriet (Pattison) Gardner; b. 3-27-1813; d. 1-5-1879, 65y 9m 8d

Mariam Forbush (Grimes), w/o George W.; d/o George & Polly (Forbush) Grimes; b. 1-19-1818; d. 7-19-1843, 25y 6m

Clarissa M., d/o George W. & Mariam (Grimes) Gardner, d.1-29-1854, 11y 2m

George Washington, s/o George W. & Phebe; b. 3-13-1785, Northampton, Washington Co., RI d. 7-17-1849, 64y

Phebe Nairm (Garbutt), w/o George W.; d/o Jeremiah & Phebe (Nairm) Garbutt or Jeremiah & Elizabeth Garbutt; b. 10-1-1784, Northumberland Co., Eng.; d. 9-9-1828

Jeremiah Hazard, s/o George W. & Phebe (Garbutt) Gardner; b. 9-4-1818, Batavia, now Elba, not buried here

Elizabeth, w/o Benjamin Worth; d/o George W. & Phebe (Garbutt) Gardner; b. 4-29-1822, Elba; d. 1-11-1892, Santa Maria, Calif.) -not buried here-

George Washington, Jr., s/o George (Garbutt) Gardner; (b. 10-23-1824; d. 4-1-1825

Mary Jane, d/o George W. & Diana Gardner, d. 6---1841, 7y 28d

William C., s/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 10-10-1816; d. 7-10-1853, 37y 9m

John Champlain; b. 3/5-15-1804, Hector, Seneca now Schuyler Co., N.Y.; d. 5-28/9-1882

Atha W. (Field), w/o John C.; b. 5-16-1806; d. 8-6-1861, 55y

Harriet D. (Field) (Hoose); 2nd w/o John C., lst w/o William P. Hoose; sister of Atha; b. 10-3-1821; d. 8-7-1870/8, 48y 10m 4d

Jane (Britton), 3rd w/o John C.; b. 1-4-l811; d. 8-5-1898

Sarah Ann; d. 12-5/7-1851/5, 2y 2m



Keziah M.; d/o George & Polly (Forbush) Grimes, d. 5-2-1811/41, 16y 6m17d



William P., d. 3-22-1832/9,39y 9m 20d


Margaret, d/o Smith & Margaret Hopkins; d .8-11 /6 -1830, 1 y 27 d

4 old stones ?



Melinna Ann, w/o Oliver Bliss Hunn; d/o George W. & Phebe (Garbutt) Gardner; b. 6-4-1833, d. 3-7-1883, 49y 9m 3d



Harriet Pattison (Gardner) (Vail); w/o A. Edwin; d/o Jeremiah H. & Harriet (Pattison) Gardner; b. 4-29-1826; d. 8-3-1889, 63y 3m



Sunderland, b. 1-25-1757; d. 2 7 -1842, 85y 13d, Revolutionary War soldier

Amy, w/o Sunderland Pattison, d. 3-9-1849, 78y



Hepzibah, w/o Isaac; d. 8-25-1851/4, 42y 7m

Prudence, d/o Hepzibah & Isaac; d. 4-20- 1811, 10m 20d

Obediah, s/o Isaac & Hepzibah; ??



Isaac, s/o Thomas & Mary (Frost) Stringham; b. 4-1-1788; d. 9-18-1860, 72y 5m17d

Nancy, w/o Isaac; d/o Peter & Catherine (Drake) Stringham; lst cousins; b. 10-18-1791; d. 3-11-1860/8, 69y 7m 7d

Mercy, w/o Daniel; d/o Jeffrey W. & Freelove (Gardner) Gardner; b. 6-16-1812, Batavia, now Elba; d. 5-11-1876, 63y 10m 25d

Mercy Jane, w/o Daniel; d/o Joel A. & Bashaba (Gardner) Gardner; d. 6-2-1854, 24y 11m19d

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