Genesee County
Genealogies and Stories


WICKS/WEEKS Family in Elba

Jabez Smith Family

Jones Family in Elba

Hammond Family in Batavia

Hammett Family in Batavia

The Alexander Rundel Family

Fuller, Hammond, Churchill, Sleeper, Driggs

Descendants of Henry WIEDRICH

La Russas

Helen Flora Halbert Miller- a biography

Alabama Families, by Cindy Amrhein

ARNOLD, BEECHER, BOSWORTH, BUCK, CONE, KIRBY, SPENCER, WAKEMAN and many others, and the families of their descendants which include French Canadian, Bohemian, some Scottish and Polish immigrants.

Heintz Family

The Stage Family Records

Bolt family in Stafford and Bolt website

Descendants of Peter Avery Palmer - LeRoy


Justin Baker

James Fuller Taylor

The Pocock, Steedman, VanSickle and Wessendorf Family Tree

The Latson family of Darien

Waldron Genealogy

George Shaw, Sr.

George Shaw, Jr.

History of the Boyle family in Batavia


1. Frank Johnson and his Dog

2.Ship Board Diary of Willis "Bill" Johnson of LeRoy

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