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Volunteers will do lookups for ONLY the source materials listed under their name.

Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed.
Include the county name, SURNAME, relevant dates or places, and the tile of the source material you want the lookup in [ ie:name of book, cemetery, etc.] Many of our volunteers do lookups in more than one county and in more than one source. If the your request is vague, it may be overlooked or trashed!
PLEASE remember to THANK our volunteers and keep in mind they all have families and things to do too and will get to your request when they have the time.

If you would like to volunteer to do lookups or you have other Genesee County resources, please Contact Betty Thomas

Betty Thomas Book - The Elba 175th Birthday Book, includes family bios, as well as photos, and stories

Book - Bergen Presbyterian Sesquicentenntial Book, had family histories

Book - Saul's Notes on Genesee County People (listed names ONLY)- Haight, Hagan, Hagelberger, Hager, Hammond section, Sprague, Spring(a few), Wicks, Wickes, Widges, Widdefield, Widner, Wieden, Wiederwax

Newpaper Articles (listed names only)

Marriages - 1893
Ingalsbe & Benning, Strablie & Hale, Calkins & Ganshay, Harkness & Vail, Wiedrich & Houseknecht, Peck & Bates, Wicks & Burton, McVea & Wicks, Norton & Snyder, White & Burling, Monro & Bean

Marriages - 1898
Gray & West, Hammond & Higgins, Haynes & Morse, Pilling & Chapin, Flaherty & Doyle, Wellend & Hackett, Bateman & Thomas, Kinne & Rhudy, Carmody & Mc Culley, Cofey & Sweeney, Aiken & Tucker

Deaths - 1900
John Woodbine, Rolla Wilson, Saphronia (Morse) Weaver, Isaac N. Waite, Martin Woelfley, Henry Ward, Nannie (McVea) Wicks, Patrick Welch's father, Mrs. G.W. Simmons, Harriet (Clark) Walker, Aurelia (North) Wells, Mrs. George Morgan, Eliza Walder, Judge Samuel Williams

Deaths - 1903
Florence Gray, Blanche Graham, Ada Gatrik, Caleb Hammond, William Havemeyer, Martha (Beecher Hale, James Hart, Elizabeth (Simington) Hardwick, Clayton Harmon, John Happ, Dr. Samuel Hanford

Deaths - 1924
Ellen (Walbridge)Hammond, Wilma Harper, George Hatfield, Jerome Hatfield, Phoebe (Seely) Hall, Maryetta (Rudd) Hanby, William Heston, Fred Hamilton, Dolly May Hess

Francis Bushhammer -
1854 Map of Stafford - lists residences (first inital and full last name with some spelling liberties.)

Neal Smith -

REGISTER - 1939 Farm Register of Genesee County. It lists the heads of all rural families, the post office address, the type of farm, and whether owned or rented.

YEAR BOOK - 1946, 1932, and 1937 LeRoy High School yearbook.

PHONE BOOK - Summer 1948 Rochester, NY telephone directory, which has LeRoy in it.

NEWSPAPER clippings - all from either LeRoy or Stafford with the exception of Spencer Hipp, who was from Penfield.

John Heal 1934
Eva Jennett Heal 1933
Ralph Crittenden 1962
Bertha Emmons Johnson 1983
Cora Pease Johnson 1924
Alice Heal Johnson 1935
W. Scott Johnson 1943
Dean Johnson 1980
Frank Johnson 1967
May Johnson Crittenden 1978
Willis Johnson 1940

Carrie Heal/Spencer Hipp 1899
Dean Johnson/Dorothy Bushman 1948

BOOK - " Commemorating the One Hundred and Fifteenth Anniversary of the Founding of the Le Roy Methodist Episcopal Church 1823-1938." The book details the history of the church and has a list of new members for each of the years 1873 thru 1938.

DIRECTORY - 1917 Directory of Genesee County. One-half page of H's has been torn out, but I can do look ups for any other names.

Ed Harrison
1185 Hadley Hill Road
Hadley, NY 12835

I'm willing to do look ups in either for anyone by email (free) or by regular mail for a SASE.

CEMETERY - I compiled a listing of all the burials in Evergreen Hill Cemetery in Corfu through 1994 and in Alabama Center Cemetery through 1996. The Corfu listing includes reinterments from the old Pioneer Cemetery in Corfu. Copies of the Corfu list are in the Richmond Library and the County History Library, but the Alabama Cemetery list has not been published yet.

Chrystol Lindsey -

Church Records - of the Church of God in Stafford, NY

Cemetery - Randall Cemetery, Stafford

Karmangia -

ATLAS - 1904 Bergen property atlas listing surnames of property holders

Leilani Spring -

Cemeteries - Alexander Railroad Ave. and Evergreen in Corfu

Deb Rittmeyer -
7697 Coward Road, Byron, NY 14422

BOOK - Saul's Genesee County People
BYRON CEMETERIES - North Byron ( 5 January 1914-30 April 1990), Sodom Cemetery, Byron Cemetery
BOOK - Cooley's Tombstone Inscriptions from the Abandoned Cemeteries and Farm Burials of Genesee County

I live 40 miles from Andersonville Civil War Prison in Macon County Georgia and have been a Volunteer and historian at the site for 12 years. I have a copy of the Historic Sites database here at my home which makes lookups fast and easy. Our database has more than 41000 records of prisoners who were held here . I also will take grave photos for a small fee. The records are very extensive as there were 13000 who died there and only 460 buried there as unknown. Please visit the National POW museum at
Kevin's web page
Kevin's web page

Dawn Amos -

Book - Stafford Sesquicentennial Book

Don McCarrick -

BOOK - "Gazetteer and Buisness Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70" [Hamilton Child, Syracuse N.Y.]

BOOK - "Mannings Batavia [New York]Directory August 1949, Including Batavia Town, Directory of East Pembrook Village, and County Roads [H.A. Manning Company, Schenectady N.Y.]

Laura -

BOOK - Gazetteer and Biographical Record of Genesee County, N.Y. 1788-1890. It is edited by F.W. Beers. Printed in June, 1890 by W. Vose & Co. Syracuse, N.Y.

Gerald (Gerry) Bingeman -

OAKFIELD- Bromstead Family - I have been researching Oakfield and the Bromsted family for approx 9 yrs. I do have some material of Oakfield... maps, obituaries, newspaper clipping, etc.

Sharon Palm -

YEARBOOK - 1931 yearbook for Batavia High

Linda -

Book - GAZETEER & BUSINESS DIRECTORY - 1869-1870 for the towns of: BETHANY and DARIEN.
Book - 1890 BEERS GAZETTE & HISTORY - BETHANY first families/settlers up to 1890 [ SEE LIST]
Book -
MAPS, for the following towns/years:
BATAVIA, 1866, 1876
BETHANY, 1866, 1876, 1904 - Go HERE for a list of the names.
BYRON, 1866, 1876
DARIEN, 1866, 1876
Le ROY, 1866
PAVILION, 1866, 1876
PEMBROKE, 1866, 1876
STAFFORD, 1866, 1876

Tracy Cook -

YEARBOOK - LeRoy high school yearbook - for 1945

Maggie Champion -

BOOK - "Genesee Echoes", by Mildred Lee Hills Anderson - 1956
The book is mainly about the area around Letchworth in Genesee, but since many people passed through that area, the pioneers mentioned are not only those that actually lived there, but also passed through, from about 1783 through Civil War times

Bev Nohr -

BOOKLET -"ENROLLED ELECTORS, GENESEE COUNTY 1917-1918" along with "Supplement Enrolled Electors" primary Enrollment of Women for the Year 1918 Genesee County, New York.

Vikki Gray-

DIRECTORY - 1934 Batavia Directory

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