Frank Johnson and his dog Rover

by Doris Johnson Smith - Frank Johnson's daughter

In 1909, W. Scott Johnson of Groveland, Livingston County, NY bought a farm on the West Main Road in LeRoy. In making the move to LeRoy, it fell to Scott's son Frank to take a drove of cattle from the old farm to the new one. Frank did that with just the help of their herding dog, Rover.

Between the two of them, Frank and Rover negotiated the dirt roads to LeRoy. When they got to the east side of town, Frank found that the only route was straight down Main Street. Frank got up on the sidewalk and let Rover guide the cattle, while he walked alongside.

The next day Frank had a toothache, so he went to a dentist in town. The dentist asked Frank if he had seen the drove of cattle being herded down Main Street by ONLY a dog the day before.

No one had noticed Frank, so the cattle with the mysterious dog were the talk of the town.

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