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Elba was divided from the Town of Batavia March 14, 1820, and at that time included the present town of Oakfield.

Village of Elba

AREAS- Lancton Corners, Daws Corners,
Pine Hill("The Pinery"), Quaker Hill, Five Corners or Scott's Corners ( formerly Newkirk )


Historical Society of Elba
PO Box 24
Elba, New York 14058

Town and Village Historian
Scott D. Benz -
4739 Watson Road Apt. 2
Elba, New York 14058

Town of Elba Web Page

Elba Grange

Town Clerk, 7 Maple Ave. , Elba, NY 14058 - 585-757-2762

Village of Elba Clerk, S. Main St., P.O. Box 55, Elba, NY 14058 - 585-757-6889


Plot maps for all these cemeteries are in the Elba Town Hall and the Richmond Library in Batavia

Pine Hill Cemetery (Elba Pioneer Cemetery, Old Graveyard) - South side of Chapel St. between fire Dept. and Methodist Church- incorporated, abandoned cemetery, first burial 1804, Last, 1903

Maple Lawn Cemetery (The Elba Cemetery, Parker Family Cemetery)- West side of Maple Ave. - incorporated, active cemetery, First burial 1861

East Elba Cemetery(Springvale Cemetery) - North side of Edgerton Rs. - incorporated cemetry, First buarial, 1818 last, 1990

Quaker Hill Cemetery(Locust Grove) - 1818 - This cemetery is on private land. The owners name and phone are availble from the town hall. The property is now being rented. The cemetery is in a terrible state, I tromped around in it the summer of 1997 - it is all overgrown and lots of poison ivy! The old stone Quaker Church looks quite good. The person renting the property told me that the cemetery was best seen in the very early spring , right after the snow melts , but before anything GROWS ! Go here for more photos.-Betty

Gardner Family Burying Ground (Vail Farm Cemetery) - North side of Lockport Rd. - family cemetery, abandoned, first Burial, 1825, last 1924

Daw's Corners Cemetery - 1899 - This cemetery is actually in the town of Batavia (just!), but many Elba residents are buried here.


Society of Friend's Church (1818 to abt 1922) -Quaker
The First Baptist Church (disbanded 1831)
The First Baptist Church of Elba - 1829 (originally known as the second)
First Presbyterian Church - 1822 (formally known as the First Congregationalist Society)
East Elba Methodist Episcopal Church - 1810
Church of Brotherly Love - 1965
Free Methodists of Elba - 1916
United Methodist Church of Elba - 1833
German Evangelical Society of Pine Hill - 1867 to abt 1900
Our Lady of Fatima R.C. Church - 1946
New Covenant Chapel - 1994

Young, Clark, Roraback, Turner, Husted, Wortman, Kingsley, Harmon, Laing, Gibbs, Smith, Turner. Surnames of other early settlers are: 1808- Southworth, Sawtelle, Parker, Mills; 1809- Norton; 1811- Drake; 1812- Wilxox, Sawyer, Seymour, Humphrey, Kellog; soon after 1812- Perry, Pettibone, Wyllis, Whitten, Johnson, Smith, Hall, Barr, Lamberton, Howe, Barber, Hosmer, Edgerton, Cummings, Miner, Torrey, Burgess, Jerome, White, Harmon, Baddock; 1817- Scott; 1820- Ford, Griffen; prior to 1822- Gardner, Fuller, Wilson, Buck, Irwin, Sleeper, Harris, Shotwill, Lane, Aldrich, Hoag, Britten; around 1820- Poster, Underhill, Wolcott, Benedict, Wilford, Hinckley, Ingersoll, Gifford, and Watter: 1822- Weeks


Town of Elba (175th birthday book)by Scott Benz - very informative, pleasant reading with many old pictures- for look-ups contact Betty Thomas

Weeks/Wicks Genealogy by Betty Thomas( other Elba names included- Staples, Harkness, Howland, Hundredmark)

Jones Genealogy by Betty Thomas

The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70; Compiled and published by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, NY, 1869.

Amherst College Biographical Record

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