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The Town of Darien, Genesee County, New York as taken from The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70; Compiled and published by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, NY, 1869. Darien, was formed from Pembroke, February 10, 1832. It is the south-west corner town of the County. The surface is hilly in the south and rolling in the north. Murder Creek flows through the town from south to north, in the eastern part. Crooked and Eleven Mile Creeks are the other principal streams. The soil in the north is a sandy and gravelly loam, and in the south a clayey loam underlaid by limestone. The Buffalo, New York and Erie R.R. extends through the town from east to west, a little south of the center. The N.Y.C.R.R. extends through the north-west corner. Darien Center, (p. v.)formerly called King's Corners, is situated a little south of the center of the town, near the B.N.Y. & Erie R.R., and contains a church, several mechanic shops and about 25 dwellings. Darien City, (Darien p. o.) in the east part, on Murder Creek, contains a church, a hotel, a mill, several mechanic shops and about 40 dwellings. The first settlement was made near Darien City by Orange CARTER, from Vermont, in 1803. Isaac CHADDOCK, from Vermont, settled near Darien City in 1804. The first birth was that of Harriet CARTER, in 1805. Stephen PARKER kept the first inn, in 1808, at Darien City, and Stephen KING,, the first store, at Darien Center, in 1815. The first saw mill was erected by Amos HUMPHREY, in 1809, on Eleven Mile Creek. The population of the town in 1865 was 2,168, and its area 30,405 acres. The town contains fourteen school districts, employing the same number of teachers. The number of children of school age is 788; the number attending school, 666; the average attendance, 323, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $3,222.73.

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