Cary Seminary

Transcribed by Nancy Bow

Oakfield Town/Village Historian




Cary Seminary was a well-known and highly regarded private school in Oakfield for over 60 years.

Colonel Alfred Cary donated the land for the school, and with citizens, subscribed funds for the erection of the building. The cornerstone was laid July 4, 1840, and in the fall of 1844, the school opened. During the first winter term there were 136 students, almost evenly divided between boys and girls. Pupils were allowed to board at the school, or in private homes in the community. The annual enrollment from 1844 to 1860 ranged from 200 to 300 students. During the Civil War the school suffered, but after the war the school was especially prosperous. In later years, the school eliminated the primary and intermediate departments and work was confined to the academic grade. The availability of free education provided in Oakfield began the downfall of the seminary. By 1905, the Seminary had closed, and the building was leased by the Oakfield school district. In 1926, the Seminary building was torn down and a new district school was built in its’ place.

Student Enrollment

School Year ending July 31, 1847


President: Alfred Cary

Clerk: George March

Treasurer: Stephen Olmsted

James A Bolles

Stephen Grant

Trumbull Cary

Homer Kimberly

John Foot

John Cotes

James A. Billings

John S. Ganson

Benjamin Pringle

John E. Tompkins

William H. Seward

James D. Merrill

Harvey Putnam

Heman J. Redfield

Richard L. Wait

George W. Lay

Board of Instruction:

Benjamin B. Richards, Principal

Robert Blennerhassett, Ancient and modern Languages

Artemas Chapel, English,

Algernon S. Pratt, Penmanship

Anna P. Sill, Painting and Drawing

Minerva A. Kibbe, Music

Eliza A. Richards, Primary dept.

Students: Residence:

Rathbun P. Allen Oakfield

Oscar Allen "

Shelton Armstrong "

Henry W. Arnold Bergen

William Baldwin Oakfield

Milton R. Baldwin "

Aaron Baldwin "

George Bemis Alabama

Benjamin H. Benham Byron

James A. Billings Batavia


Isaac Bishop Alabama

Alva J. Blodgett Oakfield

Charles W. Bradley OaKFIELD

s. Gates Bronson Warsaw

Ryan S. Buck Oakfield

Walter W. Burton "

William Caldar "

Caleb Calkins "

Elias Calkins "

Samuel Campbell Grand Traverse, Mich.

Charles Chamberlin Oakfield

Artemas Chapel "

James M. Chapel Lima, NY

J. Foster Clark Alabama

James A. Cowles Oakfield

Luther Crocker Elba

Josia J. S. Dean Royalton, NY

Francis Drake Oakfield

Sheldon Dunlap Shelby, NY

Josia Dunlap "

B. Franklin Fellows Oakfield

James B. J. Fellows "

William H. G. Finch "

Charles Foster "

Franklin J. Fuller "

George D. Fuller "

Charles H. Fuller "

Henry K. Gates Warsaw

Archibald M. Gibson Oakfield

John Sill Gibson "

James W. Gibson Alabama

William W. Gould Pembroke, NY

Asa W. Green Alabama

Gideon C. Guernsey Royalton, NY

Rawson A. Harmon Wheatland, NY

Leonard W. Hartt Oakfield

Giles Hathaway Barre, NY

Henry L. Hawes Oakfield

Benjamin F. Hawes "

George M. Hopkins "

Nelson Horning Alabama

Charles Howard Oakfield

Henry Howard "

Milo M. Howe "

Colby Ingalsbe Alabama

Worthy Johnson "

Richard M. Jones Oakfield

Edgar Knickerbocker Riga, NY

Charles H. Laing Waterloo, NY

Alfred C. Lewis OAKFIELD

Lucas Seaver Lewis "

John Macomber Alabama

Samuel March Oakfield

Elias Martin Alabama

Hiram McCreery Clarkson, NY

Levant C. McIntyre Oakfield

Thomas W. McIntyre "

John Morris Batavia

Theoron C. Norton Alabama

Washington O’Donoughue Bergen

William D. Olmstead Oakfield

S. Emory Olmstead "

Charles Pardee Alabama

Stillman Pond "

Edson H. Pond "

Homer Reed Oakfield

Sherman Reed "

Jackson Reeves "

Henry D. Reeves "

G. W. Rice Barre, NY

Oliver H. P. Roszell Alabama

Nathan C. Rowley Batavia

James A. B. Satterlee Oakfield

Elijah Sheldon, JR. Royalton, NY

Simeon Sheldon "

Nathan Shotwell Elba

Albert Sizer Bethany

Horace Smith Pembroke

George S. Spalding Oakfield

Henry G. Stone "

Daniel R. Taylor Alabama

William H. Vaneps Oakfield

William H. Wait Bethany

John W. Ware ` Oakfield

Simon P. Webster Kendall, NY

J. Kannicott Whitman Oakfield

Nelson C. Wilder Elba

William H. Willett Pembroke, NY

James Willett Batavia, NY

Austin W. Wolcott Oakfield

Edward Wolcott "

Gilbert Wolcott "

Oliver M. Wolcott "

Augusta Allen "

Mary A. Ash Alabama

Henrietta Baldwin Oakfield

Helen E. Barker "

Elizabeth Barker "

Frances A. Barker "

Alzina Bailes "

Levantia A. Bartholomew "

Susan E. Beecher Bennington, Mass.

Mary U. Billings Batavia

Elizabeth S. Billlings "

Marion M. Bradley Oakfield

Calista Brown "

Ellen M. Buck "

Emma A. Buck "

Eunice Buell "

Spide Buell "

Amelia Burgess "

Chastina M. Buswell Batavia

Frances Calkins Oakfield

Harriet A. Campbell Westfield, NY

Helen Chamberlin Oakfield

Mary Cheeney Alabama

Olive Churchill Bethany, NY

Hannah B. Coddington Oakfield

Eliza Coddington "

Harriett Cowles "

Zilpha Crocker Elba

Sybil Curtis Alabama

Elizabeth Foot Batavia

Hepzibeth Freeman Oakfield

Sarah E. Fuller "

Lucy E. Galaway Detroit, Mich

Lucy T. Gardner Oakfield

Mary E. Gates Warsaw

Mary E. Gibson Oakfield

Susan M. Gibson "

Susan E. Goodrich Alabama

Harriet Gregg Oakfield

Mary A. Gregg "

Sarah M. Gregory Batavia

Frances M. Hebbard Oakfield

Ellen Hosselkus Oakfield

Hester Hosselkus "

Mary Hosselkus "

Helen Howard "

R. Cordelia Howe Elba

Jane Joyce Leroy

Amanda N. Kelsey Oakfield

Olive Kimberly Batavia

Mary A. Knickerbocker Elba

Eliza Knight Oakfield

Harriet Lillie "

Sarah C. Long Pembroke

Ann J. Long "

Emeline Macomber Alabama

Julia Mann Oakfield

Mary A. McBrertz Royalton, NY

Delia E. McCrillus Oakfield

Ann J. McCrillus "

Sarah C. McCully Batavia

Susan Merrill Byron

E. Lovina Morley Bethany

Harriet J. Morley "

Mary E. Morley "

Ann E. Moss Oakfield

Mary Nichol Alabama

Marietta Olmstead Byron

Mary J. Pardee Elba

Margaret Pardee Alabama

Zipporah B. Parish Bergen

Louisa Phillips Oakfield

Elizabeth A. Pierson "

Augusta Rathbun "

Eliza A. Richards Bennington, NY

Melinda Richards "

Hannah Richards Balston, NY

Ann Q. Ross Oakfield

Narcissa R. T. Roszell Alabama

Mercy N. Shepard "

Amanda Shepard "

Nancy Smith Oakfield

Julia Smith Batavia

Horatia Spalding Oakfield

Amanda Stone "

Harriet Sweetland Stafford

Emily Taylor Alabama

Elizabeth Taylor "

Jane Thompson Oakfield

Charlotte Tone Bergen

Mary F. Vale Royalton, NY

Mary Waller Elba

M. Cordelia Waller "

Sarah W. Ware Oakfield

Abigail Warner Batavia

Caroline M. Warner "

Dolly Watson Stafford

Mary S. Webber "

Julia Webber "

Sophronia Whitman Oakfield

Sarah Wilcox Elba

Phebe A. Williams Royalton,NY

Sarah A. Wolcott Oakfield

Loretta Wolcott "

Sarah A. Wolcott Alabama

H. Miranda Wolcott "

Eleanor Wolcott "



School year ending July 31, 1889


President: Rt. Rev. A. Cleveland Cove

Vice President: A. C. Dodge

Treasurer: Henry Caple

Secretary: H. B. Rathbone, M.A.

Herbert P. Bissell

Rev. Pierre Cushing

Principal: Reginald H. Coe


Reginald H. Coe

Howard L. Rixon

Mary G. Armstrong

Elizabeth V. Rorbach

Sarah A. Buell

Students: Age:

Wilber J. Armstrong 18

Stanton E. Barrett 17

Charles. S. Dillingham 20

Bert B. Farnsworth 20

Francis L. Hawes 16

Homer J. Knickerbocker 16

Roselle H. Norris 18

Herbert W. Olmsted 20

Fred J. Pev 18

Richmond L. Rathbone 16

Herbert R. Stevens 18

Mary A. Blodgett 19

Lillian Chamberlin 17

Anna C. Chapple 16

F. Edith Deuring 17

Nina A. Drake 15

Selina Printup 20

Anna M. Pugsley 13

Gertrude A. Rausier 17

Georgia W. Rathbone 18

Jane Sleeper 20

Addie H. Wolcott 15


School year ending July 31, 1890


President: Rt. Rev. A. C. Cove

Treasurer: Henry Caple

Secretery: A. B. Rathbone

Rev. E. N. Potter

Rev. A. M. Sherman

Principal: Curtis C. Gove

Preceptress: A. M. Thomson


Reginald H. Coe

Howard L. Rixon


Curtis C. Gove

Miss. Am M. Thomson

Mary G. Armstrong

Sarah A. Buell

Frances L. Norton

Students: Age:

Herbert J. Armstrong 19

Stanton E. Barrett 17

Lee T. Benton 20

Charles S. Dillingham 21

Charles H. Eichler 14

Avery S. Gilbert 15

Francis L. Hawes 17

Charles S. McDonald 20

Fred J. Pev 21

Richmond L. Rathbone 17

Lillian Chamberlin 19

Anna C. Chapple 16

Marjorie L. S. Coe 16

Nina A. Drake 16

Clara J. Farnsworth 17

Flora L. Isaac 15

Nannie A. McVea 17

Selina Printup 20

Anna M. Pugsley 14

Gertrude A. Rausier 20

Addie H. Wolcott 15

School Year ending July 31, 1891

William S. Andrus 18

Stanton E. Barrett 18

Charles H. Eichler 14

Albert A. Farnsworth 15

Bruce f. Halsey 15

Burt Norton 14

Bayard J. Stedman 15

George A. Wakeman 17

Edith Bloomingdale 15

Marjorie L. S. Coe 17

Lillian Chamberlin 19

Nina A. Drake 16

Catherine C. Gove 13

Nannie A. McVea 16

Anna M. Pugsly 15

Addie A. Wolcott 16


School Year ending July 31, 1892

Francis C. Blodgett 17

Charled H. Eichler 16

Albert A. Farnsworth 15

Francis L. Hawes 19

Bruce F. Halsey 16

Burt B. Norton 15

Bayard J. Stedman 17

Allison J. Wakeman 16

George A. Wakeman 18

Clara B. Andrews 19

Edith E. Bloomingdale 17

Josephine A. Cosway 16

Catherine C. Gove 14

Mabel E. Howland 16

Susie H. Town 19

Nina A. Drake 19




School year ending July 31, 1893

Principal: Rev. Curtis C. Gove

Students: age:

Frances B. Blodgett 18

Albert Farnsworth 17

Bruce F. Halsey 17

Burt B. Norton 16

Richmond L. Rathbone 21

Bayard J. Stedman 17

George A. Wakeman 18

Allison J. Wakeman 16

Harry D. Waldo 19

Clara B. Andrews 20

Lizzie A. Armstrong 16

Edith E. Bloomingdale 17

Josephine A. Cosway 17

Nina A. Drake 18

Catherine C. Gove 14

Mabel E. Howland 18

Grace B. McDonald 17

Nina T. Norton 15

Anna M. Pusgley 17

Sarah Root 17

Susie H. Town 20


Year Ending July 31, 1894

Francis B. Blodgett 19

Bruce F. Halsey 18

George H. Harvey 17

Frank R. Ingalsbe 16

Harry C. Nobles 17

Burt B. Norton 17

Richmond L. Rathbone 22

Allison J. Wakeman 17

Harry D. Waldo 19

Clara B. Andrews 21

Florence M. Andrews 17

Lizzie A. Armstrong 17

Helen P. Baird 20

Mabel Buxton 19

Grace E. Farnsworth 15

Catherine C. Gove 15

Bertha L. Lewis 19

Nina T. Norton 16

Anna M. Pugsley 18

Rhena A. Pugsley 15

Alice E. Roatch 16

Susie H. Town 21


Year Ending July 31, 1895

Trustee: Year of appointment

A. Cleveland Coxe 1865

William D. Olmsded 1884

Arthur B. Rathbone 1875

Henry Caple 1883

Gad B. Worthington 1856

Robert W. Nichols 1871

John L. Macomber 1877

William C. Dunlap 1877

A. P. Jackson, MD 1879

Irving J. Stedman 1880

Henry Halsey 1881

Thomas L. Nichol 1882

William A. Hitchcock 1883

Eugene T. Chamberlin 1887

Charles F. J. Weigley 1888

Rev. Pierre Cushing 1889

Rev. Addison M. Sherman 1890

Frank B. Redfield 1891

Henry F. Darnell 1892

William D. Orville Doty 1892

Fred B. Parker 1892

Aldice G. Warren 1894

Rev. Warren G. Hubbard 1894

Charles F. Stafford 1894



Curtis C. Gove, Principal

Edwin B. Clift, Science and Mathematics

Miss Nina A. Drake, Vocal and instrumental Music

Miss Clara B. Andrews, English

57 students enrolled, but not listed by name



School year ending July 31, 1900


Vice President: Irving J. Stedman

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