Brick House Corners Cemetery

Pembroke Cemetery between East Pembroke and Pembroke Center, Genesee County, NY on the Buffalo Road, near Brickhouse Corners where the road turns south to go to Corfu, NY

Remain of an old stone – illegible


Anderson, Ellen Augusta, daughter of Morris and Mary, d. February 19, 1854, @ 11m


Ashley, Julius F., son of William and ________, obliterated

One stone: children of Isaac and Eunice

William W., their son, d. April 29, 1828, @ 17y

"But when death’s ling, long night is ore,

In realms of bliss shall buty rise;

Arrayed with charms that fade no more,

In climes where virtue never dies."

Happelony, daughter of Isaac and Eunice, d. April 21, 1830, @ 21y


Barden Isaac, d. May 22, 1866, @ 83y 10m 27d

"He rests from all suffering and care,

His spirit to Heaven has fled;

His Savior has welcomed him there."

Nancy, wife of Isaac, d. November 30, 1855, @ 69y 11m 3d

Orson, d. December 18, 1860, @ 51y

"Soon on the blissful shore, a happy household band;

Will meet to part no more, and stand at God’s right hand."

Eliza Ann, daughter of Orson and Phebe P., d. January 3, 1859, @ 17y

Two children of Orson and Phebe, - illegible

Lewis W., son of Isaac and Nancy, d. April 26, 1843, @7m 21d

Elias P., son of Isaac and Nancy, d. February 12, 1844, @ 28y 4m 15d

Infant child of Alvah and Ann, d. November 7, 1875

Barritt In memory of George, son of Erastus and Sally who d. March 24, 1830, @ 22y 9m


Bartholf Peter P., d. March 6, 1863, @ 58y 3m 10d

Clarence, son of P. P. and O., d. March 27, 1861 or 64, @ 20m

Ellen S., daughter of P. P. and O., d. July 1, 1861, @ 13y 11m 22d


Bingham Sally K., wife of Martin L., d. October 7, 1862, @ 37y

Brown D., son of Martin L. and Sally, d. November 22, 1853

Sena or Lena or Bena A., daughter of Martin L. and Sally, d. January 22, 1865, @ 17y 20d

Dr. Luther, D. April 3, 1861, @ 73y 4m


Bowen Judson, d. July 7, 1876, @ 31y, Co. G 21st Regt. NY Cav.

Mary, wife of Judson, D. December 2, 1872, @ 26y 9m 11d

Phidelia N., daughter of Luther and Mary, b. October 3, 1869, d. July 18, 1881


Brown James, b. October 24, 1787, d. January 25, 1866

Lucinda, wife of James, d. February 17, 1824, @ 35y

"Sweet is the memory of the just,

"Twill flourish when they sleep in dust."

Eliza, wife of James, b. July 22, 1890, d. September 28, 1885

Marion J., d. April 29, 1875 @ 24y 4m 8d

"Parted on earth, united in Heaven." Foot stone: M. J. B.

Cains and Stevenson buried on this lot.

Christye, daughter of Alpheus and Margaret, d. December 21, 1855, @ 1y 4m 7d

Alexander H., 1817-1892

Harriet C., wife of Alexander, 1818-1886

J. Worth, 1848-1926

Hattie D., wife of J. Worth, 1852-1921

Dewitt C., son of J. and Hattie, b. 1880, d. September 19, 1880, @ 3m 5d

Edna, daughter of J. and Hattie, b. May 25, 1884, d. September 6, 1884

James Roy, 1889-1914

"Tis finished, the conflict is passed,

The Heaven-born spirit is fled;

His task is accomplished at last,

And now he’s entombed with the dead."


Burnum Mary K., wife of Daniel P., d. April 24, 1859, @ 38y 3m 8d, foot stone: M. K. B.

Burrill Joshua, d. April 15, 1865, @ 84y

Caroline, 1st wife of Joshua, d. May 10, 1848, @ 62y

Merinda, 2nd wife of Joshua, d. March 20, 1866, @ 79y


Cain Daniel, d. March 1, 1853, @ 83y

Esther, wife of Daniel, obliterated

Daniel, 1776-1875, "Grandfather", on James Brown’s lot.

Campbell Homer H., d. April 14, 1860, @ 72y 3m

Olive P., wife of Homer, d. September 22, 1867, @ 77y 2m

Another grave?


Caple Jane, 1831-1907, on Luther Pratt’s lot


Carlton Susannah, wife of Kimball, d. December 28, 1849, @ 64y 6m 27d


Carpenter Riley, d. October 21, 1861, @ 41y 15d

George, d. June 7, 1877, @ 66y, Civil War Veteran


Child George, son of Lyman and Mary, d. March 27, 1849, @ 19y 7m 13d

"He lived respected and died lamented."

Ophir, son of Lyman and Mary, d. May 1, 1854, @ 18y 8m 13d

Our Kitty, daughter of Clark and Mary, d. September 22, 1858, @ 6m 22d

"Sweet was the bud in kindness given,

"Twas nipt by death, to bloom in Heaven."


Clark Andrew F., 1832-1901

Mary P., wife of Andrew, 1837-1895

Lillian, 1870-19___


Cleveland John E., son of L. C. and L. M., d. September 9, 1865, @ 2y 7m

Nancy A., daughter of L. C. and L. M., d. March 16, 1870, @ 2y


Colby E., nothing more

L., War of 1861-65

I., nothing more

Adna, 1891-1906


Cutler Seth H., d. January 22, 1861, @ 83y

Fanny, wife of Seth, d. February 16, 1857, @ 75y

Martin, son of J. D. and L., d. October 11, 1862, @ 6m 5d

Marcus, son of J. D. and L., d. April 6, 1863, @ 6m 27d

Rev. H. H., 1820-1886

Sarah, wife of H. H., 1822-____

Delia L., wife of Harvey H., d. May 10, 1842, @ 21y 16d


Drake Phebe, wife of Moses, d. July14, 1871, @ 59y, "Mother"


Edwards Daniel, d. May 17, 1848, @ 67y

Laurinda, wife of Daniel, d. November 29, 1858, @ 69y


Eggleston Ira, d. October 2, 1856, @ 75y 6m

Mabel, wife of Ira, d. January 15, 1840, @ 54y 2m 3d

"Thou hast gone to the spirit land,

Where we all must travel soon."


Ferguson Isaac, d. January 6, 1870, @ 75y 2m

Elizabeth, wife of Isaac, d. May 15, 1864, @ 65y

Addison, son of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. January 17, 1863, @ 11y 6m

Reuben, d. August 29, 1853, @ 23y

Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. August 2, 1844, @ 11y

Ellen, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. August 7, 1844, @ 9y

I. N. F., son of Isaac and Elizabeth


Fosha Malona, wife of Joseph and daughter of Isaac and Nancy Barden, d. June 28, 1833, @

27y 1m 8d

Also a small grave


Gay William, d. December 29, 1892, @ 57y, 19th NY Independent Battery


Gould Luissa A. (Pardee), wife of Charles R., b. September 26, 1843, d. July 8, 1878


Hall John, d. October 8, 1873, @ 24y, Co. C. 2nd Reg. US Inf.


Higgins Dorlesca, daughter of S. and B. A., d. December 13, 1851, @ 16m


Harmon Phebe F., wife of William Love, d. November 11, 1871, @ 57y, foot stone: P. F. H.


Hardwick Sergt. Thomas R., d. March 13, 1885, @ 77y, Co. C 8th NY Hea. Art.

Lucinda L., daughter of M. and C., d. October 16, 1862, @ 8y 3m


Harrison or Morrison William Henry, d. June 12, 1832 in his 20th year, ? Guards C II


Hastings Dolly, wife of Johnathan, d. March 9, 1837, @ 65y


Hill James, d. April 1, 1875, @ 65y 3m

Mary, wife of James, d. October 16, 1864, @ 57y 10m 13d

Franklin B or R., son of William and Aurilla, d. May 9, 1872, @ 1y 8m 5d


Howard Ruth, wife of Cyrus, d. March 6, 1830, @ 53y

"She lived in grief and died in sorrow,

She died to-day, to live tomorrow."


Howe Seth, d. June 14, 1852, @ 75y 3m 22d

Ellen F., daughter of ________ and __________, d. January 3, 1854, @ 3m 7d


Hunting Lafayette, Private Co. I 49th Regt. NY Vol.

Lydia M., daughter of Sidney T. and sally D., d. June 24, 1853, @ 21y 6m 4d


Knapp Wright, d. August 23, 1853, @ 80y

Olive, wife of Wright, d. March 24, 1856, @ 76y

Father, 1804-1897

Mother, 1813-1876

Lucinda, 1843-1903

Ashal H., son of Leonard and Phylavir, d. March 6, 1871? @ 6y 24d


King John, b. May 17, 1806, d. May 28, 1873

Brooksey (Burrill), wife of John, b. November 14, 1812; d.?

Brooksey, daughter of James and Achasah, d. September 2, 1853, @ 7y 4m 4d

Brooksey Amelia, illegible


Langworthy Maryett, daughter of Ira S., and Mary, d. August 16, 1817, @ 2y 1m 2d

Lydia J., daughter of James and Jane, d. November 16, 1817, @ 8y 8m 20d


Love Phebe F. (Harmon), wife of William, d. November 11, 1871, @ 57y 2m 17d

"Fold thou, our Father in our arms,

And let her henceforth be;

A messenger of love between,

Our human hearts and thee."


McClimon Nancy, wife of Hans, d. January 17, 1876, @ 94y

James, son of James and Sarah, d. august 10, 1861, @ 4y 4m


McWain Josiah who d. July 31, 1825, @ 44y


Morse Dr. O. S., died July 29, 1861, @ 31y


Pardee Ann S. (Cutler), wife of Royal D., b. September 20, 1817, d. December 30, 1904

Royal D., d. October 18, 1872, @ 59y 6m

Daniel, d. June 18, 1855, @ 73y

Electa, wife of Daniel, d. January 16, 1865, @ 75y


Peckham Elisha, 1795-1885

Eunice (Lathrop), wife of Elisha, 1799-1884

Lucretia, 1819-1885

Elisha F., d. February 27, 1866, @ 36y 6m

G. H., b. January 30, 1839, d. ?

Elizabeth P. M., wife of G. H., d. December 8, 1882, @ 37y 11m 5d


Porter Betsey, wife of Joseph, d. October 18, 1880, @ 90y

William H., d. June 17, 1883, @ 70y "Father"

Mary L., wife of William, d. March 20, 1881, @ 54y "Mother"

Lucretia, wife of William, d. February 17, 1856, @ 40y

Telifa, daughter of William and Lucretia, @ 16y


Pratt Luther, 1845-1906, "Father"

Amelia, wife of Luther, 1851-1886


Putman Lewis, b. April 10, 1811, d. April 17, 1880 "Father"

Catharine, wife of Lewis, d. November 14, 1875, @ 62y 2m 8d

Redman David A., d. March 28, 1873, @ 73y 4m 11d "Father"

Martha, wife of David, d. May 7, 1869, @ 50y 3m 9d "Mother"

Emma M., daughter of David and Martha, d. July 2, 1867, @ 30y 7d

Sophia, daughter of David and Martha, d. October 11, 185_, @ 28y 5m 20d

Louisa E., daughter of David and Martha, d. December 21, 1853, @ 3y 9m 14d

George B., son of Burrill and Mary, d. January 2, 1862, @ 1y 1m 5d "A lovely bud, etc."


Sherry Fannie L., 1855-1902

Three unmarked graves.


Sisson Susan, wife of Horatio N., d. May 320, 1879, @ 63y


Smith Jonathan, d. April 12, 1884, @ 71y


Stafford Ross, 1877-1897 on Levi Wyman’s lot


Stanley Adna, d. April 18, 1862, @ 54y 2m 20d

America, wife of Burton, d. January 31, 1879, @ 35y 6m 21d

Oscar, son of ______, illegible

Two other graves


Stevens Emma E., wife of B. M., b. August 14, 1842, d. February 12, 1891


Swift Hiram A., Co. C 100th Regt. NY Vol.

Levi, d. October 24, 1854, @ 43y 3m


Taggart William C., d. November 16, 1886, @ 74y

Lucy, wife of William, d. April 1, 1876, @ 78y 11m

Ellen Adelaide, daughter of William and Lucy, d. July 2, 1858, @ 5y 11m

"God, my Father called me home,

That from him I ne’er might roam."


Thomas Sevilla L., 1844-1915 on Levi Wyman’s lot, foot stone: S.T.


Tibbets Betsey E., daughter of Thomas and Minerva, d. March 11, 1850, @ 8y 9m


Treat Truman, d. May 2, 1851, @ 36y 4m 24d


Tubbs Jesse, d. August 29, 1864, @ 82y

Lucy A., wife of Jesse, d. January 17, 1853, @ 59y

Diana, wife of Jesse, d. August 11, 1882, @ 86y


Tobey William H., d. November 7, 1874, @ 40y 9m

Philip L., d. December 11, 167, @ 72y 10m

"Father thou hast left us,

E’er thy loss we deeply feel;

But "tis God that hast bereft us,

He can all our sorrows heal." Foot stone: P. L. T.

Sarah, wife of Philip, d. January 3, 1870, @ 69y

"She has gone to Heaven before us,

But she turns and waves her hand,

Pointing to the glories o’er us,

In that happy, happy land."


Taylor Aaron B., d. August 21, 1839, @ 77y 10m 2d


Wade Nellie A., daughter of Charlie and Lydia, d. September 16, 1871, @ 8m 10d

"She was the sunshine of our home,

An angel to us given;

Just when we learned to love her,

God called her home to heaven."


Watkins Emily, wife of Homer and daughter of Isaac and Nancy Barden, d. March 20, 1868, @

49y 10m 17d "Our Mother"

"Let your hearts be drawn to Heaven,

Kiss the hand that held the rod;

For the blow, a debt ---

To call you to your God.


Wells Freddie, son of F. H. and S. A., d. September 2, 1866, @ 3y 3m 22d


Williams Clara L. (Taggart)


Wood Phebe, wife of Benjamin, d. March 26, 1869, @ 61y


Wright George, b. July 11, 1802, belongs to Masonic order.

Jane A., wife of George, b. June 10, 1809, d. ?

Delos M., b. April 30, 1838, d. February 23, 1865

Mary, daughter of –J. or M and Lucinda, d. February 12, 1853, @ 9y 6m 3d


Wyman Samuel, d. April 21, 1859, @ 67y 10m 21d

Betsey G., wife of Samuel, d. October 25, 1860, @ 66y 5m 8d, foot stone: B. G. W.

John A., son of Samuel and Betsey, d. March 25, 1851, @ 23y 6m

Clista C., wife of Amos, d. January 21, 1859, @ 21y 9m 21d

Levi, 1825-1897

Abigail T., wife of Levi, d. December 20, 1865, @ 38y 5m 15d

Phebe, wife of Levi, 1821-1901


Foot stone: M. A. C.


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