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The Town of Bethany, Genesee County, New York as taken from The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Genesee County, N.Y. for 1869-70; Compiled and published by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, NY, 1869. Bethany was formed from Batavia, June 8th, 1812. It lies upon the south border of the County, east of the center. The surface is hilly in the south and rolling in the north. Black Creek flows north through the town, a little east of the center, and Little Tonawanda Creek flows through the south~west and north~west corners. White Creek flows north through the east part. The soil in the east is a dark, gravelly loam, and in the west a heavy clay loam. Weak brine springs have been found, but all attempts to procure salt water by boring have proved unsuccessful. Bethany Center ( Bethany p.o.) is situated a little south of the center of the town, and contains a Baptist church, an academy, a hotel and about thirty dwellings. East Bethany (p.v.) contains a church, a hotel, a store, a blacksmith and wagon shop and about twenty dwellings. Linden (p.v.) situated on the Buffalo and Hornellsville Branch of the N.Y. & Erie R.R., in the south~west part, contains two stores, a carriage shop, two blacksmith shops, a stave factory, a grist and saw mill, a foundry and about 20 dwellings. There is also a saw mill about a mile north of this village. West Bethany (p.o.) contains a Baptist church, a grist mill and a blacksmith shop. Canada, in the north part, on Black Creek, is a hamlet, containing a Methodist church, a carriage shop, a cooper shop, a saw and grist mill and about a dozen houses. This town was first settled by John TORRY, from Cayuga County, in 1803. He located in the north~east part, erected a log cabin and commenced other improvements. Captain George LATHROP, from Connecticut, located on lot 40, in the north part of the town, the same year, and Orsemus KELLOGG, from Sheffield, Mass., in the east part. Lyman D. PRINDLE, from Hoosick, settled at East Bethany in 1805; Joseph ADGATE, from Ulster Co., and Mather PECK, from Lyme, Conn., settled near East Bethany in 1806. The first birth was that of a child of Orsemus KELLOGG, in 1803, and the first death that of Solomon LATHROP, in 1806. The first school was taught by Matilda WEDGE, from New England, in 1808. Sylvester LINCOLN kept the first inn; Elisha HURLBURT, from Vermont, the first store, in 1808, and Judge WILSON built the first grist mill, in 1811. The population of the town in 1865 was 1,734, and its area 22,707 acres. There are eleven school districts, employing the same number of teachers. The number of the school population is 458; the number attending school, 374; the average attendance, 179, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $2,712.81.

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