I could not make out all of the names so this is not a complete list of landowners in 1866. What I have is a photo copy of 1/2 of a map of Batavia, NY. This is the area around Tonawanda Creek, Crofts Station, and the New York Central Rail Road. I submitted this list, hoping it will help someone find their ancestors in Genesee County, NY.

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Armstrong, J.Hayes, H. Pratt, C.
Beckwith, C. R.Hays, E. Pratt, T. D.
Biglow, W. R.Heath, J. W. Putiner, P. M.
Blossom, Mrs.Heston, S. Putnam, D.
Boughton, L.Heston, W. E. Redman, W.
Boughton, S.Higgins, A. Redshaw, G.
Boyington, A.Higgins, H. Reynolds, E.
Bradish, P. P.Hitchcock, H. J. Sawens, V.
Bradley, E. F.Holland, M. A.Sleeper, J.
Brewster, B.Hollister, N. F.Slusser, H.
Brewster, Mrs.Hopkins, F.Slyer, I.
Briggs, G. A.Hubbard, J.Smith, D.
Briggs, G. A.Hubbard, Mrs.Smith, D.
Brough, T.Hudalestor, J.Smith, J.J.
Brownell, W.Jack, S. Smith, L. N.
Burke, R.Jordan, P.Snell, C. A.
Burt, M.Kelsey, W. Jr.Southerland, D.
Cabe, P. M. Kemp, G. B.Southerland, H.
Carey, J.Kenyon, R.Southerland, J.
Chuit, M.Kidder, J. H.Kidder, J. H.
Clark, F.Kroll, J.Storm, J.
Clark, Mrs.Lincoln, O.Storm, J.
Clark, W.Lown, B.Sullings, D.
Conklin, S. Lynch, D.Sullings, W.
Cummings, J.Mahoney, C.Taylor, D.
Davis, W. H.Marston, J. W.Thompson, H.
Dewey, D. W.Martyn, P.Tracy, Mrs.
Ditzel, J.McIntyre, J.Tullen, Mrs.
Drake, M.McWain, Mrs.Tuttle
Drake, Mrs. Merill, J.Uptons, D.
Dymond, C. & P.Merrill, J. P.Vickery, T.
Eldred, B.Merrill, M.Vrooman, N. G.
Eldred, J. E.Merrill, N.Wadsworth, J. S.
Eldred, T.Middlewood, M.Wains, A. M.
Fisher, R. S.Monell, H.Waltron, J.
Flurity, N. FMorgan, E. B.Weed, H.
Flurity, T.Nichols, W.Weir, T.
Ford, F.Norton, E. H. Wells
Foster, W. C.O'Conner, M. Welsey, Mrs.
Gardner, G.Osborne, Mrs. H.Welsh, A.
Gould, A. P. Palmer, C. Welsh, Miss N.
Gould, G. C. Palmer, L. Welsh, W.
Gould, Heirs of G. Parker, F. J. Werden, N. E.
Gowen, J. M. Parsons, J. P.Whitcomb,W.W.
Green, F. R. Perry, J.White, A.
Green, J. Perry, L.Whitney, S.
Griffin, A. P. Pierce, I.Willet,S.
Griffin, J. Pike, J. B. Williams, Mrs.E.
Griffin, M.Pond, C. D.Wilson, I.
Gulloway, J. Post, Mrs.Wood, E. F.
Hammond, J.Potter, W. M.Woodward, N. A.

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