Bartholf Family Ground

Stafford, Genesee County, New York

In the extreme southwest corner of the town of Stafford, a little over one hundred yards east of the junction of the Ellicott Street Road with the Batavia-Stafford Townline road and Bethany Center Road.



Elizabeth, wife of John, d. January 13, 1831, @ 32y 1m 7d

Hannah, wife of John, d. December 21, 1832, @ 26y

James, d. February 12, 1839, @ 83y. Given in the list of soldiers buried in Genesee County, survey made by the Sons of the American Revolution, and published in The Daily News, Batavia, December 1, 126, as a soldier of the Revolution.

Lily, wife of John D., d. April 18, 1811

Margaret, wife of peter P., d. July 18, 1845, @ 37y

Martha, wife of James, d. September 24, 1821, @ 62y

Stephen, given in the 1926 survey as a soldier of the Revolution. His stone can no longer be identified.



Andrew, d. April 9, 1829, @ 29y



Julia Ann, daughter of Mathew and Mary, d. May 29, 1841, @ 19y

Melinda, daughter of Mathew and Mary, d. May 29, 1839, @ 19y


Copied from the book "Tombstone Inscriptions from the Abandoned Cemeteries and Farm Burial of Genesee County" wrote by LaVerne C. Cooley in 1952.


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